How to Meal Prep 2.0

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How to Meal Prep 2.0

Meal prepping is the secret to a healthy lifestyle. There is only one problem, you got to eat the same dish 4-5 days in a row. You need meal prep ideas? Here are 4 different meals all made in one go. How to Meal Prep 2.0 so to speak. Meal prep recipes don’t HAVE to be boring and monotonous.

I’ve worked on many different meal prep ideas, such as these or these .

This time however, I wanted to challenge myself to create something even better. Another level of meal prepping so to speak. The 2.0 of meal prepping. 4 different meals all made in one go.

When reached out to me asking if I could work on some meal prep ideas for them I was pumped! They make my favorite rice blends and those couldn’t fit any better into meal prep bowls!!

So, guys, you wanna know how to meal prep? Here you go:

How to Meal Prep 2.0

How to Meal Prep 2.0 the best meal prep ideas

How does one go about planning 4 meals for the week ahead that are not all the same?

Start by choosing your whole grain. The whole grain will be the same in all 4 dishes. I love because I get 5 types of rice in one pack.

Whole grains keep you fuller longer and are a necessity for take-to-work lunch bowls if you have long days at the office.

Then choose 2-3 types of protein to switch it up. This time I chose egg, chicken and shrimps. They all cook super fast and easy and keep meal prep time down.

How to Meal Prep 2.0

I’ve also made bowls with 8-hour slow-cooked pulled beef though or home cooked pinto beans that need to soak 12 hours and then be cooked several hours. It’s all about personal preference and a matter of organization.

If you need to be quick choose eggs, fish, seafood, chicken breast, turkey breast. If you have more time on hand cook beef, chickpeas, beans, lentils, pork etc.

Choose as maaany vegetables as you can. The more the better. All the colors of the rainbow and especially many green ones. For this example I chose 7 vegetables: onion, zucchini, bell pepper, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, peas, carrots and broccoli.

THIS is how to prepare different meal prep recipes all in one go. THIS is how to meal prep two point o. And these are just a couple meal prep ideas, the sky is your limit :)

How long does xyz last and what food is good to meal prep

How to Meal Prep 2.0

You might have noticed that most meal prep recipes are only made for 4 days. There is an important reason behind this. It’s not like Friday is cheat day, haha. You wish!

It’s because most ingredients last only 3-4 days in the refrigerator. Especially all the proteins, be it animal protein or plant protein. I’ve eaten both on the 5th day without a problem but it simply becomes risky.

Can I meal prep eggs? Yes, for up to 4 days.

Can I meal prep chicken? Yes, for up to 4 days.

Can I meal prep shrimps? Yes, for up to 4 days, better 3.

How to Meal Prep 2.0

Veggies are a little easier once they’ve been cooked. Some raw veggies have a harder time keeping fresh, raw greens such as baby spinach or lettuce for example. It all depends how fresh they were when you bought them though.

I’ve head heads of lettuce in the fridge for over a week in perfect conditions. Others however started being sad after only 2 days.

Find out when your supermarket gets their produce and go buy that day to ensure you have the freshest stuff. Or go to the market and small butcher in the first place to get the freshest ingredients. So basically the how to meal prep 101 is >> buy FRESH ingredients.

Those are just a couple tips also applicable to your own meal prep ideas.

Best containers for meal prep recipes

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